Live streaming – Under Appreciated and Under Utilized

Many years ago, sometime before 2012, I helped a now-defunct production company in LA produce a weekly “live video podcast”.  We recorded it on prosumer cameras and somehow streamed it through Ustream (acquired by IBM in 2016 for $130M).  I don’t remember how we did it exactly, but the Executive Producer liked it so much that he retrofitted a whole studio to make a variety of live stream shows on Ustream and Justin.TV (now operating as Twitch, an Amazon subsidiary).

That Executive Producer was clearly ahead of the game as far as content strategies goes, and lucky for him, he had a crew of willing and able interns to figure out the live streaming set up for him.

Fast forward to today, and literally anyone, even my grandma, can go live with a few taps on their iPhone.

And yet, our news feeds are still primarily filled with non-live content.

Why don’t more people and businesses live stream?  It’s a more authentic communication medium, costs literally nothing, and gives the streamer immediate feedback.

When was the last time you streamed?