The Great Big Gear List

Ready to rack up some major points on your company credit card while also investing in your content strategy?

We created this Great Big Gear List as a way to help you navigate the overwhelming number of options for video gear, and to help you save time in getting started with your video strategy.

With this guide you get:

  • Over 200 researched product recommendations
  • 3 Different Lists broken down by budget and business size
    • Solo Businesses – $5k Gear Budget
    • Small Business – $15k Gear Budget
    • Medium Business – $30k Gear Budget
  • Broken down by gear category
    • Camera/Lenses
    • Audio
    • Lighting
    • Mounting
    • Studio
    • Cases, Storage, Teleprompters and more!


Just tell us where to send the Great Big Gear List, and it’s yours! There are no affiliate links in this list, and these are all products that we use or have used.


Instant Access to The Great Big Gear List