Digital Marketing Strategy Consultation

As a full-service creative agency, CEREAL HEAD MEDIA can also consult with clients to create a 360 degree digital marketing strategy.

We are in an age of unparalleled marketing opportunities, but with such a huge expanse of options, sometimes that can lead to confusion or lack of direction.

In addition to being a full-service digital marketing agency, CEREAL HEAD MEDIA offers a digital marketing strategy consultation to help your team create a plan that turns good ideas into great results.

This type of consultation works best when we partner closely with clients, gathering all the necessary information from various online accounts and digital marketing platforms to get the lay of the land.  We then get to work casting vision with the client to find what opportunities would be the most meaningful and make the biggest impact for the business.


Our Approach


One of the most important aspects of a good digital marketing strategy, if not the most important aspect, is the overall quality of the proposed investment.  We work with a wide variety of marketing budgets, but our emphasis on lean, value-driven strategy never changes.


In the fast-paced digital marketing world, a scaleable strategy is one that can grow with your business.  We look for unique opportunities and channels that will give you the biggest leverage for the long term.


Oftentimes our role as digital marketing strategy consultant is to act as the customer advocate. We make sure to challenge all strategic decisions with the question “What will customers think?”.


During the digital marketing strategy consultation, we will perform extensive research on your competitors to uncover opportunities that you can focus on in the near term and unique differentiators that you can build towards in the long-term.


Key to a good digital marketing strategy is a thorough understanding of your target audience.  We use a variety of tools to perform market research, and oftentimes one of the results of the research we do is that we find new, untapped audiences to index on with a future strategy.